Deer Run


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Andersen Trail
Bypass Trail (poor condition)
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Deer Run
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There are trailheads on both sides of the road at the beginning of the cul-de-sac at the end of Fawn Ridge Rd.


The Amy & Rolf Andersen Memorial Trail is a hidden treasure that makes an easy 0.6 mile loop around the development in a quiet sylvan glade. You can get much more adventurous and take one of the many spurs off the trail onto neighboring Liberty Mutual and Legacy Farms trails, for several more miles of hills and dales, fern forests and a secluded lake. You can even get to Ashland and Hopkinton State Park by taking one of the spurs northwest of the loop.

This property has the remains of an old house foundation with a chimney and fireplace.

Size: 12.34 acres

Longest Walk: ⅔ mile loop + many spurs

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Deer Run: GC34X5Y

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