Phipps Woods


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Whitehall State Park Loop Trail
Whitehall State Park Boundary
Hopkinton Town Forest
Whisper Way Parking for Cameron Woods
Sylvan Way Trailhead and Parking
Winter Street Trailhead
Whitehall Trail Access and Parking


The main entrance to the trail is on Winter Street and marked with a sign (whose trail name is currently missing), but since there is no parking and Winter Street is narrow and dangerous to walk on, it is better to enter at the Sylvan Way trailhead to Cameron Woods. Park on the grass in front of the sign.


This property is mostly uplands, bounded by old New England stone walls. It abuts Cameron Woods and provides access to over 250 acres of town-owned open space.

While there is a trailhead at Winter Street, it is best to enter at the Cameron Woods Yellow Trail on Sylvan Street and connect to the Phipps Trail at its eastern end. From Sylvan Way, the trail goes steeply up a short hill, meanders south and down a towards Winter Street. There are a number of rather wide road-like spurs off this trail that you are welcome to walk, but eventually they lead to private property. Follow the signs to stay on the main trail. It is well-marked and the portion on Phipps Woods is only 0.3 miles.

The trail connects to a large network of trails in Cameron Woods, the Town Forest, and (by crossing Winter Street) Whitehall State Park. There are two entrances to the state park via spur trails to Winter Street: one is 0.2 miles south of the Winter Street trailhead, and the other is 0.2 miles north of the Sylvan Way trailhead. Both entrances have parking for a couple of cars, and both take you to nice views of the lake.

Be aware that hunting is allowed on this property, as well as the adjacent Cameron Woods and the Town Forest. So it is wise to wear orange during hunting season, especially if venturing off trail. Hunting is not permitted on Sundays.

Size: 7.3 acres

Longest Walk: ½ mile from Sylvan Way to Winter St.

Acquired: Conservation Restriction granted to HALT in 2013

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This property was in the Phipps family for many years. In 2003 the town voted to purchase the property from the family, and in 2013 the town granted a Conservation Restriction to the Trust.

The trail was built by Ryan Truano, and Eagle Scout candidate as part of a Community Public Service Project. Ryan and the Boy Scouts from Troop 4 blazed the trail and helped with the baseline documentation field work.


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