Brook Hollow


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Judy Wiley Trail
Susan deGozzaldi Memorial Trail
Brook Hollow Loop Trail
Gas Line Easement
Brook Hollow
Hopkinton-Ashland Town Line
Wiley Woods
Parking for Brook Hollow and Wiley Woods
Margot Foster Overlook
Beech Trees
Vernal Pool
Field Habitat View

Brook Hollow Map

Brook Hollow Map
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The trail is accessible from either end at Frankland Road or Cross Street, both ends of which have large signs. The one on Cross Street is a few feet south of Brook Hollow Lane, and the one at Frankland Road is ¼ mile east of Cross Street. It is best to park at the pullout across the street at the Wiley Woods sign, a couple hundred feet further east on Frankland Road, and walk back along the street to the trailhead.


This property contains the Susan deGozzaldi Memorial Trail. The main half-mile through trail is easy, except in very wet conditions where you might have to step on rocks in one spot to keep your feet dry. There are several benches and, rare on HALT trails, a number of interpretive signs describing local landmarks and vegetation. Part of the trail is in a gas line easement, which is clear of large trees.

Coming from the Frankland Road trailhead, after you enter the easement for a second time, there is a spur to the left for the Margot Foster Overlook with a bench and view of a field to the southwest. Just after the overlook is another little spur to a close-up view of field habitat, along with an exhibit of a monster bittersweet. Then you come to a major landmark, a grove of large beech trees, though they have unfortunately been defaced by kids. There is a large vernal pool further down as you approach Cross Street.

The north section of this property straddles the Ashland-Hopkinton town line. The eastern loop of the trail takes you through open forest, near the town line, and through extensive fern-covered glades. A boardwalk spans a perpetually wet section across the gas line easement.

After walking this trail you can visit the Judy Wiley Trail at Wiley Woods across Frankland Road.

The main trail from Frankland Road to Cross Street is accessible to horses.

Size: 15.9 acres

Longest Walk: 1 mile round trip including loop

Acquired: 2001

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The property was donated to the Trust by John and Susan deGozzaldi. The trail was originally developed by Dan Neubrander as an Eagle Scout public service project and was subsequently refurbished by Matthew Paolucci as another Eagle Scout project. In 2019, Nick DePatie worked toward his Eagle rank by building the loop trail and bridge in the eastern end of this property.


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