Eagle Farms


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Betty Fitzpatrick Trail
Douglas Sands Trail
Saddle Hill Trail
Zettek Overlook
Eagle Farms
Saddle Hill (SVT)
Sands Conservation Area
Parking and North Trailhead
Sands Trail Parking and Trailhead
South Trailhead
Sands Trail North Trailhead


The north trailhead of the Betty Fitzpatrick Trail begins at Wedgewood Drive between Cedar Street Extension and Highcroft Way. You can park just off the road on the grass near the trailhead, where there is a large sign at the edge of the woods. There is no off-street parking near the south trailhead.


If you want a good workout and some excitement, the Betty Fitzpatrick Trail is for you. Starting at the north trailhead on Wedgewood Drive, this one-mile trail travels along steep ridges, twice through a massive stone wall and by large rock outcroppings, while undulating over some serious topography. Coming off a ridge high above a ravine, it drops 100′ down a couple of large switchbacks where you can see the bottom of the ravine 30′ further down. It then travels alongside a stream, eventually crossing it on rocks, and ends just beneath the Overlook Road bridge, where it joins SVT property and the Saddle Hill Trail at a signpost.

From this junction you can take the Saddle Hill Trail under the bridge (along the left side) to the other side of the road and eventually connect to the Sands Trail in the nearby Sands Conservation Area for a 2-mile hike. The Saddle Hill Trial also connects to more miles of trails in Hopkinton State Park. Or, you can turn right before the underpass and climb up to exit at Overlook Road.

If you turn around at the bridge and head back to the north trailhead, you will have ascended a total of 350 feet in a 2-mile round trip, which is significant for Hopkinton.

The trail would be difficult to follow in parts where it clamors over rocks, but it is well-signed, so you won’t get lost.

After this moderately strenuous hike, consider relaxing at the nearby Zettek Overlook.

Size: 70.5 acres

Longest Walk: 1 mile one way

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This property surrounds the Eagle Farms/Hopkinton Highlands II subdivision. The Friends of Whitehall, another conservation-minded organization in town, holds a Conservation Restriction on this property.

The trail is named after Betty Fitzpatrick, one of the five founders of HALT.



Additional Information

The Sudbury Valley Trustees has a Saddle Hill brochure with a printable map of the conservation land in this area.