Zettek Overlook


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Zettek Overlook
Zettek Entrance


The Zettek Overlook is located just past 52 Greenwood Road about a mile after you turn onto Greenwood from Saddle Hill road. Park on the street at the base of the staircase.


The overlook is a small park-like setting that HALT maintains in cooperation with a local neighborhood association.  A few short steps from your car take you to the top of a promontory facing west.  There are magnificent views any time of year, especially at sunset on a fall afternoon when the leaves are on fire and the butterflies are basking in the late afternoon sun.  It is always a quite spot for contemplation and meditation, with benches providing relaxation and ability to linger as long as you want.

While in this area you can drive over for a walk on one of the nearby trails at the Sands Conservation Area, Eagle Farms, and Sudbury Valley Trustees’ Saddle Hill.

Size: ½ acre

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Zettek Overlook: GC4ARF1