Fruit Street Expansion

Throughout the summer, HALT volunteers significantly expanded and improved the trail network at the Fruit Street Conservation Area, with several new bridges. A new map was produced that includes the … Read more

New Cameron Woods Signage

The 250-acre Cameron Woods area, which includes the adjacent Phipps Woods and Hopkinton Town Forest, has a reputation as a place to get lost, with its numerous trail intersections.  Now, … Read more

New Bridges at Brook Hollow

HALT board members and steward Paul Kelley built four new bridges and boardwalks at Brook Hollow, spanning several areas that are often wet and muddy. Also some of the rocky, … Read more

New Bridges on Greenwood Trail

A record 12 volunteers built four boardwalk sections and set stepping stones to span a 60-foot wet area of the Greenwood Trail at the Sands Conservation area. These are in … Read more

HALT Proposes Zoning Bylaw Changes

The town’s Open Space and Landscape Preservation Development (OSLPD) bylaw allows more compact clustering of homes in a development in return for preserving at least half the land to open … Read more

Peppercorn Hill Expansion

Help Save the Trails at Upton’s Peppercorn Hill Conservation Area! The Peppercorn Hill Conservation Area is an integral part of the trail network that extends from HALT’s Deneen Conservation Area … Read more

New Trails at Saddle Hill

Over the summer HALT and its volunteers built over 2 miles of new trails in the Sands and Eagle Farms properties in the Saddle Hill/Highland Park area. The main trail, … Read more

Trails Updated

HALT board members and volunteers completed some major upgrades on the trails at Peloquin Woods and Brook Hollow. On the Marjorie Peloquin Memorial Trail, a new 60-foot boardwalk makes it … Read more

Peloquin Woods Maiden Walk

The Marjorie Peloquin Memorial Trail became official on March 16 when the trailhead sign was installed. A few days later, in conjunction with the Hopkinton Trails Club, about 15 people … Read more

New Trails and Bridges

Two Eagle Scout candidates have recently completed some significant projects on HALT trails. Casey Pratt built two long bridges spanning wet areas at Cameron Woods, and Nick DePatie built a … Read more