Whitehall Woods


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Upton State Forest Trails
Whitehall State Park Loop Trail
Whitehall Woods Trail
Upton State Forest Boundary in Hopkinton
Whitehall Woods
Parking and Trailhead
Pond St. Trailhead
Connection to Upton State Forest Trails
Whitehall State Park Access


The main trail entrance and gravel parking lot is on the left side of a new road into the subdivision at 203 Pond St.  There is a large sign at the entrance. There is also a large sign at the Pond St. entrance but you cannot park there.


The trail at Whitehall Woods provides access from near Pond Street at the south end of Whitehall State Park to a large network of trails in Upton State Forest.  It is best to use the trailhead at the parking lot because there is no parking at the Pond St. entrance.  The Whitehall State Park Loop Trail joins Pond St. at two points 0.15 and 0.25 miles mile east of the Pond St. entrance to this property. There is parking across the street from these entrances.

The Trust holds a Conservation Restriction on this property owned by Sudbury Valley Trustees. For more information, see SVT’s page on this property and their brochure.

Size: 32.5 acres

Longest Walk: 1 mile round trip

Acquired: 2016

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