Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

The Hopkinton Area Land Trust almost always has opportunities for activities in which Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can participate for community service. These projects often involve such things as building trails, bridges, benches and signs, and trail and property cleanup. Projects that assist HALT often quality as public service projects to help scouts achieve their Eagle Scout rank and Gold Award.

Since 2001 the following Eagle and Gold projects have been completed. These are dates the project was finished, not necessarily date the Eagle or Gold was achieved.


➢ 2001 Doug Weaver, Sands Trail
➢ 2002 Matt Sheelan, Zettek Overlook and Hopkinton Highlands Trail
➢ 2002 Todd Wilson, Judy Wiley Trail
➢ 2003 Dan Neubrander, Brook Hollow Susan DeGozzaldi Trail
➢ 2004 Brian Mazaka, Deer Run Andersen Trail 1
➢ 2004 Eric Pfeifer, Deer Run Andersen Trail 2
➢ 2008 Jon Taros, Mighton Trail Extension
➢ 2011 Erik Pohl, Whitehall Conservation Area trails, signage and wooden fence
➢ 2014 Ryan Trurano, Phipps Woods trail and baseline documentation
➢ 2014 Henry Vumbaca, Deneen Peppercorn Connector Trail, bridge and baseline documentation
➢ 2014 Cameron Field, Zettek Overlook & Eagle Farms Betty Fitzpatrick Trail
➢ 2014 Jake Krapf, Eagle Farms Betty Fitzpatrick Trail
➢ 2015 Matthew Paolucci, trail and bench refurbishment
➢ 2015 Trevor Perkins, Cameron Woods, Whisper Way parking lot and trail
➢ 2015 Eric Landreth, Deneen Maspenock Trail and bridge
➢ 2015 Ryan Turano, Phipps Woods Trail and baseline documentation
➢ 2016 Sam Darkow, Fruit Street trail clearing and bridge
➢ 2016 Matthew Paolucci, Brook Hollow clearing and rerouting trail and building benches
➢ 2017 Andrew Palleieko, Fruit Street tire dump cleanup, trail grooming and marking
➢ 2017 Dante Silvo, Betty Fitzpatrick Trail refurbishment
➢ 2017 Dan Bradbury, Wiley Woods trail refurbishhment
➢ 2017 Cam Allen, Deer Run Andersen Trail, trail and bridge refurbishment
➢ 2017 Joe Harrison, Brook Hollow
➢ 2017 Gabe Lopez, Mighton Trail
➢ 2019 Aditya Kaushik, Ora Cheney cleanup and Dave Goldman Trail construction
➢ 2019 Nick DePatie, Brook Hollow, new loop trail and boardwalks
➢ 2020 Casey Pratt, Cameron Woods, replace rotten bridge, build another bridge
➢ 2022 Harrison Bograd, Peloquin Woods, install interpretive sign at Frail cellar hole
➢ 2022 Anish Doki, benches at Fruit Street and Whitehall Conservation Area
➢ 2023 Evan Liu, boardwalk at Deneen Conservation Area
➢ 2023 Akarsh Doki, bridges at Deneen Conservation Area
➢ 2023 Gabe Lee, boardwalk at Deneen Conservation Area


➢ 2016 Maureen Reagan, Hiking Trails of Hopkinton video
➢ 2022 Kate Beauvais, bridges at Deneen Conservation Area