Recent and Ongoing Projects

The HALT Board of Directors is an active, hands-on team, collaborating with many volunteers to maintain trails and properties, and reaching out to the community to promote land conservation values. This page lists events and projects underway or recently completed.

Trails and Properties


Former Liberty Mutual Property

Seaboard Solar has been issued a permit to develop a large solar farm on the former Liberty Mutual property on Frankland Road. This property borders on HALT’s Deer Run conservation area and contains parts of the Andersen Memorial Trail. Seaboard has offered to preserve that trail, among others, donating all the remaining open space, up to 54 acres, to HALT. HALT is in discussions with the company, as well as the Planning Board and Conservation Commission, to ensure that the trails and open space are adequately protected and open to the public.

Braim Farm Expansion

HALT is acquiring a conservation restriction on 4.9 acres of land at 4 Valentine Circle abutting Braim Farm, increasing the contiguous conservation area to 44.7 acres.

Whitehall Conservation Area

The Town of Hopkinton, through the Open Space Preservation Commission, has started and is planning to finish restoring a meadow that has become overgrown.

September 2020

Mighton Woods

A new ⅓-mile trail has been built, providing access to a large area of the forest on high ground on the western portion of the property. Now it is possible to walk a nearly 1-mile loop from the North Mill Street entrance.

August 2020

Storm Damage of August 4, 2020

A storm with up to 50 mph winds pummeled Hopkinton, resulting in numerous downed branches and trees across our trails. Thanks to our dedicated trail stewards, most of the small debris was quickly moved, and HALT volunteers worked to clear the larger trees. Fortunately, only minor neighboring property damage was reported.

Sands Conservation Area New Trail Development

A number of significant new trails in the Highland Park neighborhood have been built, providing access to land few have seen. This includes the new Greenwood Trail that provides up to a 4-mile loop, and new approaches to Hopkinton State Park from Greenwood Road. HALT has also received permission from the adjacent Highland Park Association to create connecting trails on their open space, greatly improving access to these trails.

May 2020

Cameron Woods New Trials

A new loop trail with a great view was added to the Cameron Woods trail network.

May 2020

Peloquin Woods Bridges and Boardwalks

The loop trail around the property has been enhanced with bridges and a long boardwalk over a wetland, so it is possible to walk the trail without getting muddy feet, even in wet times.

Brook Hollow trail and sign enhancements

The interpretive signs along the trail have been relocated to more appropriate locations, the Margot Foster Overlook, badly overgrown, was cleared, and a short spur to a field habitat view was added.

April 2020

March 2020

Peloquin Woods Trailhead Sign

After a successful fund drive for the Marjorie Peloquin Memorial Trail, a trailhead sign was installed.

Cameron Woods Bridges

Boy Scout Eagle candidate Casey Pratt and his crew have built two replacement bridges.

Peloquin Woods Trail Extension

HALT members built a ½-mile extension to existing trail, completing a ¾-mile loop.

December 2019

Fruit Street Trail Clearing

HALT members removed recent blow-downs and debris from Mary Pratt trails, clearing them for cross country skiing.

November 2019

Brook Hollow New Trail and Bridges

Boy Scout Eagle candidate Nick DePatie doubled the existing trail network to 1.5 miles with a new loop and bridge in the eastern portion of property.

October 2019

Deneen Conservation Area Boardwalk

HALT members built a boardwalk over wet crossing on the Maspenock Connector trail.

Wiley Woods Fallen Tree Clearing

HALT members removed numerous fallen trees across trails that accumulated over the years. Most trails now suitable for cross country skiing.

Braim Farm New Trail

HALT members opened up access from South Mill Street to ¾-mile trail through the property.

September 2019

Whitehall Conservation Area Reopening Trail

HALT members reopened overgrown connector from main trial to Piazza Lane across former meadow.

Hopkinton Meadows Trail Reopening and Bridge

HALT members cleared a long-overgrown section of trail and installed a bridge, adding another ½ mile to the existing trail.

Fruit Street Trail Clearing

HALT members and volunteers created a new connection from Mary Pratt North loop to town land on old Pratt Farm property. HALT members also cleared a blow-down.

Summer 2019

Peloquin Woods New Trail

HALT members built connecting trail from Front Street to existing trail network.

Ora Cheney Conservation Area New Trail

Boy Scout Eagle candidate Aditya Kaushik built new 0.3-mile trail in spring 2019. Trail was dedicated as Dave Goldman Trail in honor of HALT founder, with trailhead sign installed in September.

Cameron Woods Kiosk Maps

HALT members created new trail maps and installed them in long-neglected kiosks at Whisper Way and Sylvan Way.

December 2018

Fruit Street New trail and Cleanup

As a community service project, Boy Scout Troop 1 leader Alton Chen and his scouts built a new link from the parking area to northern trails, and did significant cleanup.

Events and Announcements

Bird of Prey Presentation

HALT and the Hopkinton Public Library jointly sponsored a Mass. Audubon Bird of Prey presentation on January 25, 2020.

Hopkinton Holiday Stroll

Board of Directors set up and manned display booth at Masonic Hall, December 7, 2019.

Rockwood Meadows Trail Walk

HALT and Upton Conservation Commission organized a joint inaugural trail walk on December 8, 2019.

Trails Opened to Mountain Biking

HALT opened trails to mountain biking October 2019 after meeting with the New England Mountain Biking Association. SVT revisited their bicycling policy and followed suit at neighboring Saddle Hill Conservation Area.

2019 Annual Meeting and New President

Board of Directors held annual member meeting at HCAM studios September 25, 2019 and subsequently elected Morrie Gasser as new president.

Polyarts Festival and Family Day

Board of Directors set up and manned display booths on September 14, 2019.


In April 2019 HALT began a project to develop a new, completely redesigned website. After 6 months of development, website went live on September 7, 2019.