Fall Colors

Fall is here and the nights are getting longer and cold: each day is 3 minutes shorter than the last. But this is a great time to get out on the trails! Mosquitoes are almost nonexistent and the trails are unusually dry. While most people think of fall foliage this time of year, we’re not done with wildflowers. Look at the banner above: asters and goldenrods of all types are still out, and some flowers, like lady’s thumb and cardinal flower, can still be found. For an easy, peaceful October woods walk where you might see some of these, try the Karl Mighton Trail off North Mill Street in east Hopkinton. The Rockwood Meadows Trail on School Street near the Upton line in west Hopkinton takes you by a pretty field that sports wildflowers common to meadows, on your way to Peppercorn Hill.


Hopkinton Area Conservation News

Fruit Street Expansion

September 24, 2021

Throughout the summer, HALT volunteers significantly expanded and improved the trail network at the Fruit Street Conservation Area, with several new bridges. A new map was produced that includes the

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New Cameron Woods Signage

June 24, 2021

The 250-acre Cameron Woods area, which includes the adjacent Phipps Woods and Hopkinton Town Forest, has a reputation as a place to get lost, with its numerous trail intersections.  Now,

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New Bridges at Brook Hollow

May 10, 2021

HALT board members and steward Paul Kelley built four new bridges and boardwalks at Brook Hollow, spanning several areas that are often wet and muddy. Also some of the rocky,

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HALT Helps Invasive Removal at Whitehall Conservation Area

May 4, 2021

Members of HALT worked with Hopkinton’s Open Space Preservation Commission to remove invasives and restore a former meadow at the Whitehall Conservation Area. A number of fine apple and cherry

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New Bridges on Greenwood Trail

April 19, 2021

A record 12 volunteers built four boardwalk sections and set stepping stones to span a 60-foot wet area of the Greenwood Trail at the Sands Conservation area. These are in

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HALT Proposes Zoning Bylaw Changes

April 12, 2021

The town’s Open Space and Landscape Preservation Development (OSLPD) bylaw allows more compact clustering of homes in a development in return for preserving at least half the land to open

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