Trails Updated

HALT board members and volunteers completed some major upgrades on the trails at Peloquin Woods and Brook Hollow.

On the Marjorie Peloquin Memorial Trail, a new 60-foot boardwalk makes it possible to cross the wetland area without having to hop on rocks, while protecting it from foot traffic. With several other rustic bridges that have been added since last fall, you can now walk the entire ¾-mile loop without getting muddy feet.

35-Year-Old Bittersweet
At Brook Hollow, the Margot Foster Overlook was cleared so that it is now an “overlook” again, with a long view to the southwest; the interpretive signs were relocated so that the signs describe what you see; and a new short spur to a field habitat view was added, with a chunk of an unusually large oriental bittersweet vine on display.