New Trails at Saddle Hill

Masked Raiders
Over the summer HALT and its volunteers built over 2 miles of new trails in the Sands and Eagle Farms properties in the Saddle Hill/Highland Park area. The main trail, dubbed the Greenwood Trail, takes you from the Betty Fitzpatrick Trail south through a large previously-untracked wilderness down the length of the Sands Conservation Area, ending at Saddle Hill Road where it connects to the Sands Trail. There is also a newly rerouted Pipeline Trail that connects to Hopkinton State Park, the Saddle Hill Trail, and the Betty Fitzpatrick Trail. Several spurs and connecting trails provide access to these trails from local roads and parking areas. It is now possible to spend a good part of a day walking a 4-mile loop, crossing only 3 small roads, making it one of the longest loops in town.

On July 25, HALT director Steve Levandosky led the Masked Raiders of the Hopkinton Trails Club on a 2-hour walk through much of this area.

For more information, see the Sands Conservation Area.