Peloquin Woods Walk


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Peloquin Woods
28 South Mil St, Hopkinton, MA

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Come join us at and the Hopkinton Trails Club for a walk on the Marjorie Peloquin Trail at Peloquin Woods. It is HALT’s newest trail, through the large behind the Cobblers Way development. We will walk a loop of 1.5 miles, and possibly venture out to some of the adjacent trail network at Legacy Farms. There are some unusual stone foundations or cellars, and a particularly scenic portion of the walk is along a long-abandoned irrigation channel once part of Weston Nurseries.

The trail is dry except for one 50′ stretch across a wetland, where you have to step on rocks to stay dry. It’s easy and the rocks aren’t slippery, but if you’re not very steady on your feet you may want to bring a pole or two for balance. A boardwalk is planned for this section.

Meet at the trailhead at the corner of Cobblers Way and Front Street. Park on the street along Cobblers Way. If the ground is firm and dry, you can pull off onto the grass, just not in front of someone’s house.