Peppercorn Hill Expansion

Help Save the Trails at Upton’s Peppercorn Hill Conservation Area!

The Peppercorn Hill Conservation Area is an integral part of the trail network that extends from HALT’s Deneen Conservation Area to Rockwood Meadows. Part of that trail network crosses privately owned property in Upton (the “Kelly Property”), that is not presently a part of the Conservation Area. These portions of the trails–which include the scenic overlook with a spectacular view to the west–could be lost forever if a new owner restricted public access.

Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT), Metacomet Land Trust (MLT) and the Town of Upton are collaborating to purchase the 66-acre Kelly Property and add it to the Conservation Area so that the community can always access the entire trail network. Please help save the trails!

Click here for more information on this property, and click here to help. Also you can listen to a presentation on this property on March 23.

To see the property for yourself, join us on April 17 for a walk in conjunction with the Hopkinton Trails Club.